Landscape Photography at Canmore’s Three Sisters

Landscape Photography at Canmore’s Three Sisters

Landscape Photography at Three Sisters :

In this landscape photography vlog, I’m visiting Policemen’s Creek outside Canmore to photograph the Three Sisters.  In particular, I was hoping to photograph the Three Sisters at sunrise. 

Each of the Three Sisters has its own name. From biggest to smallest they are known as Big Sister (Faith), Middle Sister (Charity) and Little Sister (Hope). 

In the traditions of the local first nations people, the Îyârhe Nakoda or Stoney, the peaks are also known as the three sisters.  In fact, the old man or trickster would get out of trouble by promising the ‘three sisters’ in marriage. 

Best Location

The view point along Policeman’s Creek that is a popular spot to photograph the Three Sisters.  It is also a good spot to photograph Mount Lawrence Grassi.  Whichever mountain you are photographing, the creek offers a relatively calm water feature to get a good reflection of the mountains.   

The view point is west of Three Sisters and faces back towards the east where the sun rises. At some times of the year, particularly in summer, it is possible to get the alpine glow on the front of the peaks.  However, because the generally rises behind the Three Sisters you will not get the full alpine glow effect. 

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Sunrise at Three Sisters

Sunset is also a popular time to photograph the Three Sisters, although I have had better luck in the morning. The image below was taken at sunset on a different visit. You can see the alpine glow on the back of the Three Sisters. 

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Three Sisters, Canmore

In this video I arrived and found many photographers already set up and ready to shoot.  I decided to create a timelapse of the sun rising and lighting the mountains.  In fact, it turned out to be a beautiful morning in the Canadian Rockies. 

I provide directions and show you how to find this location for yourself at the end of this video.  I hope you watch and enjoy it.  And make sure to subscribe to my channel!


The Landscape Video

More Information

Looking for more landscape photography spots in and around Canmore and Banff National Park that are easily accessible? Check out my article on Banff landscape photography for the non hiker here.  If your curious about what camera I used to shoot these photographs and film this blog check out my gear page here. Thanks. 

Photographs and video created using the incredible Olympus OM-D system.

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