Landscape Photography at Johnston Canyon

Landscape Photography at Johnston Canyon

Landscape Photography at Johnston Canyon :

In this landscape photography vlog, I’m visiting Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park to photograph the canyon’s famous waterfalls.  In particular, I was hoping to photograph the Lower Falls in a partially frozen state.  

As you will see, there are two main waterfalls in Johnston Canyon. These two falls are known as the Lower Falls and the Upper Falls. The Lower Falls are the first set of falls that you reach on this hike and the Upper Falls are the second.  Apparently, I struggle with this concept since I totally botch things up in the video.  I’m just human.  You will also notice that I am less than perfect as I had some focus issues with my video on this day. Total newby, that’s me. 

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Lower Falls

Best Locations

While the Johnston Canyon hike is pretty renowned for both its beauty and accessibility, there are a few special places to stop and take photographs.  The best place to photograph the Lower Falls is right on the path just past a small cave / tunnel. This spot is impossible to miss.   

The view points for the Upper Falls are more challenging to reach.  There are trails that lead off the path right before you reach the Upper Falls. But please note that these are not official trails and should be traveled with caution and by experienced hikers only.  Of course, the Upper Falls are visible from the main path but the perspective is a little challenging for landscape photography.

The best time to visit Johnston Canyon is in the shoulder seasons when there are fewer visitors. I like late November or early December.  Of course, if you’re here in July then you still go. You just go earlier in the day. 

I hope you watch and enjoy it.  And make sure to subscribe to my channel!

The Landscape Video

More Information

Looking for more landscape photography spots in and around Canmore and Banff National Park that are easily accessible? And check out my article on Banff landscape photography for the non hiker here.  If your curious about what camera I used to shoot these photographs and film this blog check out my gear page here. Thanks. 

Photographs and video created using the incredible Olympus OM-D system.

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