Landscape Photography at Lake Minnewanka

Landscape Photography at Lake Minnewanka

Landscape Photography at Lake Minnewanka :

In this landscape photography vlog, I’m visiting Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park.  In particular, I was hoping to photograph a spot referred to locally as “Lonely Tree”.  

This scraggly little tree just barely survives on a rocky ridge that sticks out into the lake. The nice part is that the tree can be photographed from the west facing east, which happens to be the direction facing the rising sun. So this is a great spot for early morning photography.

I arrived at Lake Minnewanka just before sunrise and had to hurry to set up my tripod. I did not want to miss sunrise after dragging my butt out of bed and getting to the Rockies so early.  And since I was vlogging for the first time I needed to give my self a little extra time. As it turns out… I needed the time. Its not so easy that vlogging thing!

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Lake Minnewanka

I set up my camera and photographed the tree in both in the landscape and portrait perspective. I shot at f11 with the tree as my focus point since I wanted to make sure that part of the image was sharp.  I also used a circular polarizer to remove some of the reflection from the water.  

The sunrise light initially disappeared quickly but then returned right as I started packing up.  While it wasn’t the most specular sunrise, it was pretty nice.  And I was in Banff National Park so pretty awesome! 

The Landscape Video

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Looking for more landscape photography spots in Banff National Park that are easily accessible? Check out my article on Banff landscape photography for the non hiker here.  If your curious about what camera I used to shoot these photographs and film this blog check out my gear page here. Thanks. 

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